1. Each user shall have a right to withdraw from the contract remotely within 14 calendar days without providing reasons.

The lapse of time limits as to withdrawal from a contract starts from the date of receiving the order processed

2. The user may withdraw from a contract by sending to the shop a declaration on withdrawal from a contract.

3. Such declarations shall be drawn up according to the template found in the ‘Withdrawal from a contract’ heading. Should such withdrawals from a contract be effective, the contract of sale is deemed to have not been concluded, and what the parties delivered should be immediately returned. A product should be returned in a state in which it was purchased along with all received components.

4. Should such withdrawal from a contract remotely be effective, the shop guarantees the return of all payments made by the user, within 14 days from the day of receiving a declaration from the user - excluding the costs of delivery.

5. The shop returns the payment by using the same payment method which the user used, unless the user agrees for a different type of return which does not involve them incurring any costs.

6. The user shall bear all immediate costs of returning a product. Pleas not that is your responsibility to ensure the item reach us. 

7. The shop, if it did not offer collection of goods from the user, may withhold the return of payments received by the user until the products are received or the user provides the receipt of their shipment, depending on which event occurred first.

8. In case of any dispute between the shop and user, there is a possibility of using methods of resolving complaints outside a court of law or seeking claims by way of mediation, it is possible to access such procedures through institutions dealing with mediation.

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